Monday, October 30, 2017

The Job Interview

Interview Outfit 
I love to interview. Maybe because it is an opportunity to present my skills or maybe it is the actor in me. The “can I pull this off” challenge. An interview is a wonderful test and even if you have a job or not looking, interviewing is something you should do whenever possible. You never know when it might be a necessity. For many, it is like public speaking, which is also a business necessity. I have found the more frequently I interview, the better I get. Like everything else in life.

You may have noticed that I have not been listing upcoming trips on my Sunday's post. Good reason; there have not been any since July - Not enough work or travel. Since my last non-profit job/office moved south, I have been working as a contract software setup/training consultant. My typical schedule, travel in on Monday, setup/train Tuesday through Thursday and either travel back Thursday evening or Friday. If my trips are to an interesting city that I have not visited before, then I sometimes stay over the weekend.  

The sales staff for the product has not been doing their job and that has affected my travels and certainly their overall revenue. Two last-minute sales have generated trips to Portland Oregon the first full week in November and Salem Oregon the next week. It made no sense to fly back to Florida, so I will be staying over in Portland the weekend between the two.

My interview was with an established non-profit organization. A Washington DC based think tank. The best definition of a think tank is: “A body of experts providing advice and ideas on specific political, economic problems or topics.” This one is the epitome of that. So much so, that interested parties are willing and able to contribute to its operation and success. Provided in return is insight into cutting edge policy research. Fundraising presentations introduce more to the advantages gained by membership and support.  

The job description is an almost mirror image of Rhonda's two previous non-profit positions. Some administrative, some database work, some event work, and much constituent direct contact. I love it. I had no previous experience in the non-profit world before the two jobs and volunteering was my gateway. Volunteering lead to part-time and then to full time - six years in total. I came to enjoy the day-to-day operation. 

I know my interview went well. I had my hair done and before the interview appointment I sat for an hour at a local Starbucks to review my presentation packet and think through potential questions. It is all about sales. I wore a brown Jones NY V-neck knit dress, Coach 3” signature heels and some, but not overwhelming jewelry.  Feminine but not overstated; Event-business-dressy would be a good description.

I would love to find something that provides more outside work than I have now. There is a plus side to this job. Events and briefings are held all over the eastern half of the US so there would be travel. Still one of my favorite business perks.  

There are questions I have that will need to be addressed in a second interview  that is scheduled for next week. Before accepting, if there is an offer, I will ask my current contract employer, if there is any anticipation for more sales and installations. I always want to be fair. You never know when you may need to re-cross a bridge.  

If anyone would like advice, or help preparing for an interview please contact me. I will help if I can. You mileage will vary. Also see Forbes "The 10 Commandments Of The Job Interview".  Good advice. 

Offer or not, I enjoyed the interview and the opportunity to present Rhonda.  She is an interesting person.  


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