Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A Plus Size Halloween

Plus Size Halloween Costumes for the Ladies

There is about two weeks before "National Cross Dressing Day" AKA Halloween. I do not see Rhonda as a costume, however have utilized Halloween more than once to build courage and facilitate an ESCAPE. In my early days of "crossdressing" the Halloween excuse was used for wig shopping, professional makeovers and photoshoots. I fault no one for crossdressing at Halloween or this being your ESCAPE. Any escape is so worth it and a confidence builder.  

Not all of us are a size 2 as the model in the center flapper outfit. This year there seems to be a good selection of larger costumes (plus sizes) so here is our opportunity. I found some of these by just by Googling and others on the Bearfoot Budgeting site - Plus Size Halloween Costumes for the Ladies.  This is what the site had to say:

Attention Curvy Girls!  Plus Size Halloween Costumes are HOT!  Ugly fat girl costumes are a thing of the past and curvy girl love is in!  Trick or Treat! It’s up to you.

Did you guess? Yup, Im a curvy mamma and news flash, I LOVE Halloween!  These are just a few of my favorites and I just can’t decide which one?  HELP!!!

Also there are some great suggestions at Plus Size Women Fashion - Best & Sexy Plus Size Halloween Costumes Ideas 2017. As this site says, "There are many adult Halloween party ideas that are just waiting to be exploited. Be creative and you can also have a great time with your friends and family."


  1. It's a toss up between Raggedy Ann and a flapper. I think you wuld look really cute in either one.

  2. It great that designers and dressmakers realize the world is not made up of size 2 women or men and everything in between. These are great costume ideas for anyone planning an ESCAPE. I hope that after Oct 31st people feel comfortable enough to ESCAPE everyday of the year.

  3. Brian, well said.

    Escapes - Not just for Halloween any more....

  4. Pink Basis is having a 45% discount on costumes right now, with almost 100 plus-sized selections. I'm still able to fit into regular sizes, and they have many more of those costumes, but I'll probably just make do with something I can throw together from my "Halloween Chest" that's kept in the attic (I used to keep my whole wardrobe up there ;-).

    1. Please send a photo - I am sure there will be photos!