Tuesday, December 12, 2017

T'is The Season - Holiday Party (Part 2)

The Toys
I attended my auto club Holiday Party luncheon the past Sunday. Before going I made a stop at Toys-R-Us to pick up an item for the Toys-for-Tots drive. I was so over dressed, however I guess the somewhat empty Sunday morning store was used to customers picking up a last minute toy for an event.  

My outfit choice completely changed on the morning of the party. It was cool (60 degrees) and an off-the-shoulder top was not going to work. Plus there are limited opportunities in South Florida for us to pretend winter, so why miss a change to wear something with a little winter flair. The skirt would have been fine but not the top. My choice was a tan scoop neck sweater (Boston Proper) with a matching ancient Spiegel leather skirt.  

I have a friend that I see at my Palm Beach Business Group meetings and he has a vintage 500 SEL AMG Mercedes (European edition). He has been trying to sell it, so I invited him along for the party. The right crowd and one person there was very interested. Scott is an entrepreneur and always has something interesting going. I have been helping with his latest Jet Ski Lacrosse project.      

Scott and I   
Being a new member (joined in October) I was called on to introduce myself again to the group of about 100. With microphone in hand, I accomplished this with feminine grace in my opinion. I also gave Scott an opportunity to mention his vintage MB and after the lunch and raffle his car was quite the hit. "What am I - chopped liver?"  Several came by for a look and one took a test drive - The car. 

I was seated by a lovely lady and we talked grandchildren, trips and the coming holidays. Her husband is a retired CPA and we three discussed the years previous club events. Some of the car show events are likely to repeat this year and she told me, "I must attend". I will.  

I was very impressed with the groups generosity for the Toys-for-Tots drive and after approached the club president to volunteered to help with this year's upcoming efforts and outings. Why not!


  1. Fab as a CAR Girl myself - You look great & nice car

    1. Thanks Diane for the comment. The red car is Scott's and it is a beauty. Going to a holiday party in a vintage red car seem the thing to do.