Tuesday, December 26, 2017

This Is Me - From the Movie, The Greatest Showman

I just saw a wonderful uplifting holiday movie.  It is likely to be the holiday blockbuster and deserves the accolades. The true story of P. T. Barnam, an exploiter of misfits and outcasts, is upended and he is made into a likable huckster. The songs make the movie and the characters adorable. From Tom Thumb to the bearded lady we relate and sing along.

The above quote is from the the song sung by Keala Settle, The Bearded Lady. Listen to the whole song. During the movie the song and presentation are both powerful.  

If you are looking for any historical accuracy there will be very little. If you want to enjoy two hours of song, incredible CG effects (Barnam arriving at the ballet on an elephant) and an amazing solo high wire dance by co-stats Zac Efron and Zendaya, do not miss this spectacular. 

The Greatest Showman Anthem Song

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