Thursday, December 28, 2017

Tunic Top

Amazon Tunic Top - Made in USA

I ordered this Jersey: (95% RAYON 5% SPANDEX) tunic a few weeks ago from Amazon. It is lovely.  I was looking for something to throw on for a quick run to the grocery store or mall. Over jeans or if I am feeling really daring, shorts. It could even be a nightshirt for cool nights on the road or something for just around the house.

It is too short to be worn out alone especially if you are tall. Maybe tights?

Blending in - Just the housewife out picking up item to cook for dinner.

The price $14.95 and it comes in 41 different colors. That is not a dyslexic reverse the numbers typo - 41 different colors. I may get one or two more colors but not the complete set. I hope it holds up and does not lose its shape. I shall see.

For trips out, I have it paired above with my Keds sneakers and my Tory Minnie flats. Just think what you can do with all those colors. There is the Amazon link. Enjoy!


  1. Nice tunic! Among the 41 colors, there are three styles, the main variations being the hem and the sleeves. The comments on the garment's website are a wealth of information, more than for most clothes that I have seen sold on line.

    I agree that this is a versatile piece. You found a great garment for blending in. How about leggings to wear with this tunic? Or a denim skirt if this tunic is tied right or worn under the skirt (it is short enough for doing so), as suggested by a buyer on its website? In any case, a this could easily become a workhorse in my casual wardrobe.

    1. HI Abby, Thanks for the comment. Great suggestion on checking the reviews for suggestions.