Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Feminine Differential - Nails

My Nails with OPI Samoan Sand

I love doing my nails.  Sure, nothing beat the pampering that goes with a manicure, however it is hard to justify when the next day I may have a meeting the requires bare nails. The cool and smooth feeling of nail polish (varnish) is so feminine.  

So the few extra minutes that "doing my nails" requires is part of the glorious process. Like the finishing touch - Part of the feminine differential.   

I have found two shades of OPI Nail Lacquer that I adore. "Tiramisu" and "Bubble Bath".  The first may be an older name for the same shade because they are so similar. I typically apply a good base coat of clear before starting with the color. I seem to be able to get away with the base all the time and do wear it when not wearing this nude as a color.  

These two colors are very sheer and depending on the depth of the coats (one or two) it provides more or less coverage. When do I take off any nail polish? My determining criteria is; will I be using a keyboard and having others watching my hands during a training demonstration.  

I love looking down at my nails when polished. The deep reds are a bit to heavy of my hands and not my first choice. I do not have excessively large hands but the addition attention is not necessarily good. The subtle nude colors as above are my favorite. 

Beautiful Nude Polish 
There are two other OPI colors that are worth mentioning; "Samoan Sand" and just a little darker nude, "Tickle My Fantac-y".  I love the OPI brand for its gloss, coverage, and durability.  It does dry quickly.   

How about you.  How often do you do your nails and how do you manage polish? What shades work for you?  Please share with us.      


  1. I, too, love seeing my polished nails - just so pretty especially if I have enough nail for a little shaping and wearing a ring or two. I, too, don't have large hands either and love a definite color, I think I am too old to try anything dark other than red but for practicality tend to keep to modest colors as any missed residue is usually unnoticeable. I also find my hands feel a lot drier when wearing polish but no idea why but keep up with the hand cream. Finally, don't you just hate it when chips happen? All part of being a woman. Love Linda

  2. For several years I have had my nails professionally done every fortnight. I have them long and painted, whether I'm in boy mode or girl mode (and I haven't been in girl mode in over two years). It seems odd to me how many part timers are so absolutely adamant that they can't have their nails painted or long, let alone both.

    My preference is nails about as long past the finger tip as the length of the nail bed, with orange glitter in the acrylic, and a classic solid true red over the top. In some light, the glitter shows, and in other light it looks like solid red. I get few comments, and aside from my own mother, none are negative.