Friday, December 22, 2017

Friend's Friday - Support Network

Good Hair Day 
Michael at "Salon di M"  has been cutting my hair for over four years. I dance a thin line between too short, (masculine) and too long, overly (feminine). It is thick enough so I can wash, mousse, blow dry and on a good day have Rhonda's hair look like the photo here. Michael does it best and between cuts, I go in for his styling magic about once a week. Especially when I have an event, job interview or special dinner out with friends.  

This photo was taken in January this year. I found it on a flash card I was cleaning out. It was a cool day and I had done my own hair, so time to do some shopping (mostly looking) on Worth Avenue, Palm Beach. This photo (selfie in a mirror) was in the Ralph Lauren Store. That story is here. This Ralph Lauren store specializes in luxury Purple and Black Label designs for the Palm Beach crowd however, it does carry selected items of the regular Lauren merchandise. Although many of the designer items are outrageously priced, I have made friends with Jaime in the woman's section, who watches for good prices and calls when some I might like, goes on sale.   

Lauren Shearling Lennox Bag
During my last week's visit, I checked in with Jaime and saw this Lauren Shearling Lennox Bag. Cute for winter trips and well over 50% off.  I have added it to my wardrobe as an investment piece. 

Looking our best requires having a support network of a hair stylist, seamstress, personal shoppers, and girlfriends that tell us when something works.  And most important of all - When something does not work!


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