Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Super Shopping On A Cold Day

Last Sunday, even by South Florida standards, it was cool - Mid 60's.  A sweater was required for my mission shopping in Palm Beach.  I have an event coming up that will require something elegant. With an event in mind I had purchased a lovely off-the-shoulder LBD a few weeks back. So far, so good. However, now I need just the right shoes.  

Silk Ricky Drawstring Bag
Celia Baroque Jacquard Pumps
At the Ralph Lauren site were the shoes shown here. The shoe, a Celia Baroque Jacquard Pump. Last week fifty percent off and an addition 30%. The outfit was tastefully coming together. The heels are 100mm or 4" so I am throwing comfort to the curb to look stylish. Don't roll you eyes - You have done it too.  

So shopping Saturday on Worth Avenue Palm Beach, I saw the perfect match "Silk Ricky Drawstring Bag". Great size, and it too screams, elegant. For $1,850.00 it should - Yes you read it right. For this girl that is the no-fly-zone. But it does get better.  Fifty Percent off and then another thirty percent. I could not make the commitment on Saturday but did go back on Sunday. So for the perfect match, elegant combo, I went ahead. I will do a fashion layout later this week and hopefully will have photos from the event to post next week. 

The photo above was taken by Jaime at the Ralph Lauren Store Worth Avenue, Palm Beach. I had called ahead and had the purse put on hold. Jaime was super helpful and friendly.  Thank you so much.  


  1. Rhonda, I never understood the appeal that a high end purse drew a woman until I was with my daughter in the Fendi store in Rome. She wanted a Peek a Boo bag and the big decision was size and color. I don't know what she paid but he matching troll was 850 Euros. I have seen it and I understand it now. Enjoy your new bag, I can't wait to see the complete outfit.

  2. Hi Charlie - Thank you for the comment. Please comment again.

  3. Well written posts and profile...and you look super. ~sara