Thursday, January 19, 2017

Fashion Layout - Brighton

Brighton is a fun place to shop.  Likely you have one in a mall near you or have a store that sells the items as accessories. Many airports even have Brighton stores so with time to kill, it is a fun stop. They have grown from a just handbag and belt company to a full line of attractive and reasonably priced jewelry.

Vintage Brighton
Just the right accessories can make or break an outfit and I have always found tasteful accessories at Brighton. I first saw Brighton at a local Jacobson's over 20 years ago. The red bag shown, I purchased then and still have. For those in the Brighton know, it attacks a lot of attention. 

Brighton seems to keep their store and products fresh. I love the yellow purse above and it is on my wish list for a little later in the spring. Their "Tassel Fobs" are a fun way to dress up a purse and they have little mini-scarfs to add color and style.  

I purchased the Tassel Necklace as a signature piece. I wear black and white a lot and I have noticed many women wearing tassel jeweler this season.  This looked like a good addition and have seen similar pieces on other fashion blogs.       

The ring above is also a fun item. The stones snaps in and out and come in a variety of colors. Also Brighton a good selection of larger sizes. I have only shown a few of the available stones and the stones can be used in bracelets and earrings. Best of all, reasonably priced.  

So if Brighton is not on your list of "Girly" shopping places, add it.  You will not be disappointed.  

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  1. Wow, you have me wanting to shop now! Thanks, ~sara