Monday, January 2, 2017

Rhonda's Travels - Hiking in Heels

West Vancouver BC - Lighthouse Park  

Driving back to Vancouver BC from Whistler Village (last week's post) I made a stop at West Vancouver’s “Lighthouse Park”. First built in 1874, it is located on a rocky peninsula at the entrance to Burrard Inlet. I find lighthouse locations to be picturesque, quaint and many times off the beaten path. They are a maritime throwback that still serve a purpose. 

Their website describes “Lighthouse Park” this way:
Lighthouse Park located in West Vancouver British Columbia is one of the most amazing scenic parks you will see on the West Coast. Walk through acres of first-growth Douglas firs and stand next to trees that are considered to be giants.

A short 10 minute walk from the parking lot 
(a little longer in my estimationwill bring you to the Lighthouse Viewpoint. It’s all uphill coming back, (no kidding) so prepare for a brisk hike up steep terrain when you return. There are several other viewpoints throughout Lighthouse Park which can be found on various trails at different levels.
The walk from the parking area to the lighthouse on Google maps is shown to be 850 meters or a little over one-half mile. And that would be the distance one would walk taking the correct trail. I made a wrong turn and took another path that likely added about one-half mile (both ways) around what they called the East Beach Trail. So altogether I walked very near a mile and a half.

The path to the Lighthouse
Lighthouse Park is a beautiful spot to visit. I found huge 200 ft. Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock and Western Red Cedar trees. According to what I read, the non-protected surrounding areas have been almost completely logged of these natural beauties but the park grounds were set aside in 1881. The park is a true site to behold. The day I was there, it was raining, not the pour down, get you wet rain, but a Northwest mist that did give the feeling of being in a true rain forest

So that day I hiked in heels says the outdoorsy girl.  Yes, my 3” Pikolinos booties. To be a fashion statement was not part of the the original plan. Also I did not anticipate the walk from the parking area to the actual lighthouse to be so far. However, I managed. The “all uphill” walk back required a stop or two, to "take in the majestic beauty of the forest". However, I did made it back without falling, slipping or ankle injury. Somewhat of a miracle. 

If you get to the area, it is a must see for the beautiful forest, remote lighthouse and beach outlook with the City of Vancouver off in the distance. 

Next time - Hiking Shoes. 

Note:The photos and ones I took the day of the hike.  

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