Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Funnies (not) - 1/15

Bill Clinton 1998

Many of you love our soon to be x-president Barack Obama.  Many feal less so. As a person that grew up in the segregated rural south, one of my most proud political moments, was the day the United States of America elected a black man, Barack Obama. 

I voted for Mr. Obama with pride and still feel proud of how he served our country. I feel much more could have been accomplished had there not been such a deep political bias. Sad – I believe he only had the best interest of the county in his heart   

There is one major accomplishment that did occur in the past eight years. This was highlighted when President Obama sat down with Steve Kroft on "60 Minutes" for his final network television appearance.  Here in part is what was ask and said: 

 You didn’t change Washington, Kroft said to the president.

"I changed those things that were in my direct control," Obama said. "And I mean, look, I’m proud of the fact with two weeks to go, we are probably the first administration in modern history that hasn't had a major scandal in the White House."
"In that sense, we changed some things."

Thank you Mr. President. We are in the last week of President Obama's presidency and next week we move into uncharted territory.  Scandals are already swirling. 

Michelle Obama: "When they go low, we go high."


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  1. Scandal free? Give me a break...What about Benghazi? The IRS? Fast & Furious Gun Scandal? VA patient care scandals? Wow. Just simply amazing how people can be so blind...

    1. Add to that Solyndra which was a pay back to contributors... the 'cash for clunkers' political payback...the give aways to GM and Chrysler that closed 2000 car dealerships, all but one had contributed to the Republicans and the other one was a major 2008 Hillary bundler.
      Obama is in the business of revising history. His 8 years have been a disaster for many with record breaking numbers out of the work force and the smallest percentage of people in the workforce since Carter. Not a single year with minimal 3% growth. His economics have ruined things for many and his foreign policies of weakness, leading from behind and the inane belief that one of his trademark speaches, not t mention that silly video he sent to the Iranians or the stupid Iran deal...
      I am only getting started.
      Obama had his honeymoon but the partisanship that he fostered seems intent on affording the same courtesy to his successor.

  2. "Golden Boy" Trump isn't even in the White House yet and he already has a handful of scandals!