Friday, January 6, 2017

Life Lessons Learned

There are many “First Times” we all experience.   Something I never hope to exhaust.  These are called “Life Lessons Learned”. 

Example: Remember your first car? Remember the first day at a paying job? Remember your first kiss?

Accepting our transgender nature later in life has granted us many first along the way. Experiences we remember well. To make it a life lesson, it has to be a first, important enough to make a lasting impression and different from the day-to-day.

Remember: First time getting out. First shopping experience. First dinner out. First group meeting. First item you purchased at a department store for you feminine person. First person you came out to.  All of these; “Life’s Lessons Learned”.

This morning as I was putting on my heels to go out, I slipped my feet in and stood up. Everyone who wears heels knows the feeling.  As you rise, instantaneously you feel different.  Taller, your center of gravity has shifted and you are a little unsteady at first as your body adjust.  As an adult, I remember the first time I was dressed as Rhonda and stood in heels.  A feeling I will never forget.  The exhilaration - Both fear and joy that overwhelmed for an instant   I knew this would not be my only time.

I remember the first time I put on mascara.  Prior I had several makeovers performed by professional. Afterwards I came away with diagrams with detail instructions and lots of little bottles. However, the first time I did my makeup myself and then applied mascara, I literally became weak in the knees. Again, I recognized this to be a life lesson.  To be repeated often.  
Never overlook the importance of being in the moment - Creating "Life Lessons".  We call it life because it is the opposite of the other thing. However to experience life one must be aware and conscious of what is happening. Like a kid looking under the Christmas tree and seeing all all the gifts - know that every day is just such a gift. What "Life Lessons" are in store for you today? Live life – Escape.  

Please share one of your life lesson with us.   

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