Monday, January 16, 2017

Event Season 2017 - Photos

New Friends 

Saturday, I did attend the Palm Beach HRC Winter FĂȘte. it was held at a private residence in Wellington about 25 miles west of Palm Beach. There was somewhere around 150 in attendance. When I looked up the address on Google maps I thought at first this must be a country club based on the size of the building. However it was a home. Beautiful, new, elegant and located in the private Polo community that thrives in the Wellington area. The couple must have just opened the Frontgate catalog and said, yes. Very tasteful.   

There was food everywhere, and horderves were constantly being passed. There were even waiters that would retrieve drinks for you as you sat and talked.  Nice touch. A large logo wall was sat up as you entered and your photo was taken by professional photographer upon arrival. The South Florida weather cooperated beautifully with the temp in the mid 70's, so the party was both inside and out with a near full moon - perfect.      

There was a great mix of people. Many Local politicians, mayors, current and former house representatives, attorneys, and  polo players. For a good part of the evening I talked to a wonderful group of women. The outside, around the pool, was the main gathering place with high top tables, a DJ, dance floor, and two bars. The only problem was the area around the pool was grass (as in a golf course green). My heels kept sinking in so walking, even standing, in this are was a little precarious. Note to self - Next time, wedge heels.  

I received complements on my outfit and I was not over or under dressed. On the invitation, dress was listed as "Palm Beach Chic". What I wore, although a little over kill still looked elegant and I fit in. I made wonderful new friends (the group above) and connected with many old friends (photo below). 

Yes, the two women on either side of are twins.  Beautiful, elegant, intelligent, and fun.  I hope we get to connect again.  Among all four of us we had a great conversation.  

I loved my evening escape.  

Wonderful friends - Charlie and John. 


  1. You look wonderful. You pulled together a great outfit and you presented very nicely. I am glad you had a great time.

  2. Rhonda -

    I love your outfit. If it wasn't perfect for the occasion, it was perfectly good enough for the occasion. I wish I could wear it as well as you do!!!!