Monday, December 4, 2017

Feminine Differential - A Tale of Two Cities.

As a male have you ever though about your color pallet? 

During my last Portland visit I notice the difference as soon as I stepped off the plane. It was not just the coats and rain gear but the muted colors. I had been forewarned on my previous trip to the north-west, that blacks, browns, and grays were the prevailing colors. As I walked around downtown Portland OR this time I was taken by the lack of color in the clothing. Yes, there was an occasional deep red wool coat but the overall pallet was (sorry) dull. I am not saying that the fashions were unattractive and most female executives seemed very well dressed, however there was a marked differential. OK, Florida is a different place and not the typical east-coast look with it's bright "Lilly" blue/teal paisley skirts, pants and shorts; However, what a difference.  

Nordstroms - West-Coast on the top - East-Coast on the bottom.

My Saturday evening was attending a hotel nightclub with a live band and dancing. I was not sure what to wear, in that I did not want to stand out and draw unnecessary attention. So I did choose white pants and a grey sweater.  Still, in a crowded, less than well lighted room, the white pants did stand out - Black next time.        

Here is what I found as a discussion point at "HerCampus.com". Interesting.  

East Coast Style:

The style in the Eastern region of the US is definitely sleeker and more polished than the opposing region. Navy, white, bright greens and pinks make consistent appearances and simple patterns, i.e. checker, stripe, polka dot, are common. East Coast style has structure and purpose, even when the look is casual and/or laid-back. Unlike the West, outfits are easily sophisticated without coming across uptight, and an Easterner rarely mismatches. East Coast ladies have tastefully mastered the art of layering and bold color usage without looking overdone. Casual jeans make rare appearances and outfits are never less than precisely chic.

West Coast Style:

In the West, style is more carefree and relaxed, even when dressed up (contradictory of the Eastern counterpart)...  West Coast style walks the fine line between careless and creative and does so in the most chic manner. Ivory and black are constant go-to’s...

A Florida Lilly Store