Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Seeking The Differential - Making Jeans Look Feminine

I have shown jeans on many occasions. They are my go to outfit for many days, even retail work. Be they skinny jeans, leggings, or boot cut, they just seem to fit my style. What's is a gal to do to keep the outfit from looking too androgynous or being, heaven forbid, the dreaded "boy look".  

Most jeans have a similar look and jeans originated in the men's department as utilitarian work cloths. Women adopted them soon out of comfort and for the same utilitarian reasons. I remember my mother having jeans she wore doing house work or gardening.  We are taking the 50's. 

The jeans above are "Women's 724 Straight-Leg Jeans" purchased from Macy's. 

What I  always look to find is the "feminine differential" that tips the scale. Shown above is the "Ribbed V-Neck Sweater" from Venus; a great look.  The sleeves of the sweater are long sleeve and I do push then up to be 3/4 length (a feminine differential). Also shown is the Coach "Beat Saddle Bag".

The shoes are last season's (sold out) Brooks Brothers Espadrille wedges and the flats are Tory Burch. The glasses are Ralph Lauren .    

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  1. While I like your choices, Macy's description of those as being "Straight Leg Jeans" has certainly got to be wrong as those look like Jeggings or - at a stretch - "Skinny Jeans"! ;-)