Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Mingling With Politicians

     Rep. Lois Frankel (FL-21),  US Congresswoman 
Palm Beach County has an organization, Palm Beach Human Rights Council (PBHRC), that is doing great works for our LGBT community. They have lobbied and worked to support the following:

LGBT-inclusive civil rights resolutions. Worked to enact a county ban on conversion therapy for minors and provide input and insight into LGBT supportive candidates running for office. Influenced the 15th Judicial Circuit to update its Civil Rights Complaint Procedure to specifically include complaints of discrimination based on 'gender identity or expression.'

Due to their efforts Palm Beach county, the largest county in the United States, has an excellent record of inclusive actions/laws and has open and supportive politicians. I am a proud PBHRC member and volunteer for the organization. Events like this give us an opportunity to be visable.   

Several Saturdays ago I attended the PBHRC SUMMER SOIRÉE at the National Croquet Club. Yes, there is a National Croquet Club that houses the Croquet Museum, The Croquet Hall of Fame, and the largest croquet shop in the US. Their web site describes the facility this way: "There are four acres of lush lawns that are the equivalent of laser-level putting greens, where anyone or members can experience the fun and competitive nature of the game."  Who would have thought?

Photo By Christopher M Kron 
The evening event was very well attended with many of the regulars I know from my "Second Sunday Meetup Group" and the Palm Beach Colony's Thursday happy hour. Also in attendance that evening were many both established and newly running for office, politicians. They are always friendly and willing to talk so there was never a lull nor did I need to seek out a conversation. I was amazed at how fast the evening went.  

There were many photographers wandering around and I have posted three photos here. In the photo above is Rep. Lois Frankel (FL-21), Congresswoman for a large part of Palm Beach County. She is unopposed in the upcoming election so really did not have to attend this event. As the former Mayor of West Palm Beach, she has worked in support of LGBT issues and continues to do so in the US Congress. We had met before and I applaud her efforts. I also support most of her political positions. Thank you Lois. 

The whole evening was a fun ESCAPE. Again, thank you PBHRC for all the hard work in support of our community.   


  1. Sounds like a fun night out! Now all you have to do is elect a decent governor to replace that cretin Rick Scott and keep that aforementioned cretin from defeating Sen. Bill Nelson.

    But if anyone can do it, you can, Rhonda!

    1. I will do what I can to keep Florid's resident skin head out of the Senate. Scott is telling everyone in Florida that Nelson is to old. Do you think that strategy will work in Florida. NOT!

  2. Palm Beach must be ground zero for Croquet. A few years ago I had some business meetings at the Breakers and while taking a break seated outside I got to observe some of the action on their Croquet field. Of course, the lawn was beyond perfect but I was intrigued with the old fashioned attire of the participants. It was like a scene out of a 100 year old musical. My wife also noted that it seemed like the dress code for the Breakers was Lily Pulitzer or better.

    1. Yeah, I would love to know who is in the croquet Hall of Fame.