Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Foundation - True Match

Getting foundation right was the most difficult part on pulling together my makeup.  Too heavy and you have the hooker look.  Not enough coverage and might as well not bather.  

Having started very young in adolescence with a facial hair, I have always considered it my biggest challenge. In my twenties and thirties even after a very close shave, I still had a dark shadow left; not unlike Homer Simson.

About 20 years ago I tried laser removal which was in its infancy at that time. It can best be described a pure torture.  No amount of numming cream would dull the zapping.  At that time I was about 50% white so I was only zapping the dark hair which I believe is still a true. I would say I had about 20% success and absolutely not worth the pain. Likely there have been refinements but now I am about 98% white so not nearly the coverage problem as before. With a good close shave, I have no shadow and growth is slowed to the point where a smooth face is possible all day.      

Which bring me to the today's topic, "Foundation".  Makeup.com wrote a review on several foundation and at the top of the list was my favorite L’Oréal True Match. Their review:

The Pick: L’Oréal True Match Super Blendable Makeup The Praise: Freelance makeup artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis loves it because “It’s a guaranteed match for me! The texture of True Match gives me a medium to full coverage, so it’s not too heavy. I have very long days when I’m working on set, I never have to worry about my foundation when I’m wearing True Match.” 

It is a drugstore brand and with a little experimentation (33 shades) you can get a true match.  I am C3-C4.  It covers well and gives my face a good smooth appearance.   Living in Florida for the last 35 years has caused sun damage and it does provide coverage there.  Also I vary the shade, using a darker shade in the summer and using a little lighter in the winter when I have less tan. Another plus is that it blends well when I contour using lighter/darker shades.

Reasonable price, good coverage, easy to work with and easy cleanup. My favorite.  


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  1. I wish there were some kind of foolproof method of determining the best shade of foundation apart from the old, somewhat frustrating, and often wasteful trial and error method. Maybe some day soon an entrepreneur will unleash their creativity and develop some type of scanning device which would match facial pigmentation and the best shade of foundation. Is this just wishful thinking and nothing more?