Thursday, November 3, 2016

Nobel Deserved


In 2000, Bob Dylan released 'Things Have Changed' for the Wonder Boys official soundtrack - watch the official music video of 'Things Have Changed,' which was directed by Academy Award winner Curtis Hanson and won the Academy Award for Best Song from a Motion Picture in 2001. In my opinion - A great song, video and movie.  

A side note: The 2000 movie "Wonder Boy" had a remarkable transgender character played by Michael Cavadias that was the cute girlfriend of Robert Downey Jr.  The character's name was, Miss Antonia 'Tony' Sloviak.  The remarkable part was she was treated as a another person in the story line, no jokes or issue with being transgender. In her final scene in the movie, she change back into guy mode to go home. Worth seeing for her scenes. 

Michael Cavadias in The 2000 movie "Wonder Boys"


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  1. "She change back into guy mode."? Speak English