Monday, November 7, 2016

Important Consideration

Florida Butterfly Ballot 2000

I am going to state again yesterday's post.  Just realize how important this is.

First let me tell you just how important your one vote is.  In the 2000 election the overall decision was ultimately made by a margin of 537 votes or .009% of the Florida total. The problems were a poorly designed ballot, antiquated voting equipment, and partisan politics.  But whatever the fault, it still came down to 537 individual votes as it should. Above is my sample ballot and my voting sticker for the election of 2000.  Yes, I was at the epicenter of the 2000 election debacle.  
Palm Beach County
Election Recount

I live in a subdivision where there are just a few more than 537 families.  I worked at a job once where we had about 550 employees at the plant.  I attended an event recently where there were about 750 in attendance.  Can you add to the list?  537 is the number that decided the fate of the free world and impacted the outcome of world events for over eight years.  Awesome responsibility.  

If you think your one vote does not make a difference, think again!

We as transgender individuals have made progress.  Are you willing to go back? Do you want more restriction on you or your sister's ability to use public restrooms when out?  How would you feel if you were fired from your job simply because you cross dress? Understand that one party has veiled in "Religious Freedom" bills, "permission to discriminate".  Do study and discern that one fact alone.  There are many more.   

My 2016 Early Voting
Neither candidate is a perfect choice.  One candidate is tainted with problems through years of public service - Inevitable with a long public history. However if we have ever been bullied, and most of us have, consider if this is the temperament that is conducive to leading. Plus this candidate's business history is abysmal. 

In my opinion one choice is marginally better than the other.  I believe that Hillary will be more sympathetic and forward thinking than Trump. America is still great. Just look at alternatives around the world and this fact cannot be denied. None of us want to go back to time when prejudice and discrimination was an accepted norm.  

Understand that your vote is important.     

I am Rhonda Williams and I approve this message.  

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