Thursday, November 17, 2016

Tips To Slim Heavy Calves and Ankles

My absolute least desirable physical attribute are my legs.  The kindest description is “athletic”.  There are many more comments that need go unsaid but sometime people’s words run ahead of clear thinking. OK two kind example -  You must be a dancer? Do you work out a lot?  And as a good friend once said “Your best look is pants”.

Oh well, if I believed in an afterlife or reincarnation, I would be placing a pre-order for long skinny legs.  So all of you tall girls count your blessings and just ignore this post.   For the rest of us, this past weekend I found a blog post that discussed this problem.  10 Dressing Tips To Slim Heavy Calves and Ankles. Wow is that a mouth full.  I am going to give a summary but do read the whole post.  Some great fashion advice at Fabulous After 40.

10 Dressing Tips To Slim Heavy Calves and Ankles

Can you barely fit into a pair of boots because your calves are so wide? Have you given up wearing dresses because you don’t want anyone to see your huge ankles? You may not be able to change the muscular legs mother nature gave you, but you can make them a lot less noticeable. Here are Dressing Tips to magically slim heavy calves and thick ankles.

Avoid Flats
Choose the Right Heel
Low Vamp is Better
No Ankle Straps
Switch to Long Pants
Wear Full Skirts
Direct Attention Up Top
Wear Dark Stockings
Slip on some Nude Shoes
Get a pair of Riding Boots

Do read the full descriptions at Deborah's blog.  I will show below my favorite which I utilize a lot:

Wear Full Skirts

It may feel like you can’t wear a skirt, but this is not the case. Simply steer clear of pencil skirts or any cuts that cling because they will emphasize the size of your lower legs. Instead, opt for swingy full or A-line cut skirts, the perfect dresses for big legs because they make your calves and ankles seem narrower by contrast.


The best skirt length? It’s just at the knee, the narrowest part of your lower legs. Avoid hems with details because they will negate the positive effects of the skirt. Other skirts or dresses for thick legs are maxi styles that fall to the floor, because they cover the problem area all together.

A wide skirt helps
 make thick calves and ankles
 look slimmer

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  1. Good timing.
    I was in a business setting today and notice a younger woman wearing a nice dark business skirt suit. As a CD you notice things that I suspect most civilian guys would not. The young lady was not slim. I thought the suit was a good pick with a skirt that stopped mid knee. She was wearing black totally opaque heavy tights and flats in an animal print. My thoughts were that sheer black or off black hose would have been more slimming in general and would have given definition to her legs. I also thought that a simple black pump with a 2-3" heel really would have made the look. The fancy flats with the heavy hose added the sense of bulk that sheer hose and heels would have eliminated.
    I guess my cattyness is part of being a CD.