Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Southern Comfort - 2016

Dr. Mardirossian and Caitlin
SCC 2016
I must apologize.  I attended Southern Comfort Conference,  (SCC) at the end of September and have been to busy to write on this subject.  I had one day after SCC to prepare for my reunion trip and have been telling that story over the past few weeks.  

SCC is always a blast.  I always see old friends that I have known for years and always make new friends.  This year had good attendance, however I must admit many were missing. Christeen where were you?  The venue is wonderful plus the staff and volunteers friendly.  The luncheon speakers were outstanding.  

I worked with Dr. Mardirossian and we did two FFS seminars, or as I like to describe my procedure, "Age Reassignment Surgery". Attendance was very good for both of his seminars.

I also had a very good turnout for my blogging discussion.  Not so much a seminar but a sharing of ideas. It was my way of learning from those that read and follow my blog.  Thank you all for attending and sharing your ideas. I hope to do it again next year. 

Let's keep Southern Comfort alive and recognize it be the best organized of all the transgender conferences. SCC became the "World's Largest" by evolving and meeting the needs of the transgender community.  Let all of us support it next year and keep it viable.  

Here is Dr. Mardirossian comments:    

It was with a great pleasure that our small but motivated team took part in this year's Southern Comfort Conference in Weston, FL. Rhonda Williams, Galina Anguelova and Vartan Mardirossian had fun but also met a lot of accomplished and smart individuals in search for a better doctor to trust their faces to.
During the two interactive meetings with the members of the transgender community, procedures were explained and their results were reviewed. I especially enjoyed answering questions from the audience as well as giving advice on how to proceed with facial feminization during the many in-person consultations we had. With vivid and pleasant memories from this past meeting we are looking forward to the next SCC for a new opportunity to teach and to counsel but most of all, for the chance to make many new friends!

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  1. Hi Rhonda! Let's hear more about SCC this year☺ Hugs Allison!