Friday, November 4, 2016

Friends Friday - Friends with Class

Three Friends 

So many time we complete one job and promise our former workmates, "We will get together for lunch"; "let's stay in touch".  In reality seldom does that happen.  Life happens and we move on.  

Last Friday we three former workmates had a breezy lunch at a restaurant with a beautiful view of yachts passing.  My friend on the left was my boss at two Rhonda jobs.  The first time was by happenstance.  He was the development manager and inherited me as the gift coordinator. My goal was to make a success of the position and I did my best.  Working was not a necessity and it was my adventure to be out and accepted.  I believe that I did succeed and received a wonderful letter of recommendation. The friends that came out of the adversity of that job, were worth the trials. 

The next time we crossed paths was on another job and this time it was by choice on both of our parts. He needed an office manager and offered me the position.  With no hesitation I ask,"When can I start". For 18 months, until the office closed, we worked together again. Every day I enjoyed going to work.  See my "Work Visa" post from last year.  

We have made the effort to have lunch every month and have keep in touch for now over three years.

My other friend on the right was an art curator and mutual friend going back to the first job. We were all workmates and friends. Another friendship that has survived the job(s).

We are individuals that mutually respect each other and appreciate that some connections are worth keeping.  Next time you tell a, soon to be former workmate, "Let's stay in touch", do it.  Friends are a VALUABLE COMMODITY. 

Thank both of you for being my friend.  

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