Monday, November 28, 2016

Feminine Differential - Shoe Lust


Doracora Pumps

Why do we love shoes?  This is a followup to to my post "Appear More Feminine"

I read a recent article that discussed the female addiction to shoes.   It touched on a subject that very much applies to us and to why we love femininity.  It contends, “Men have long wondered about the mysteries of being a woman”.

Wow did that really cut to the heart of the quandary.  It goes on with a great discussion: 

The truth is men have marveled over the obvious female only traditions for centuries.  The longing to experience these for themselves, often starts with a simple question easily answered.  If nothing else, it is a nice escape, however temporary, into another world of the opposite sex.

The pull is, how femininity makes you feel. It may have begun the first time you played dress up with your sister/mother/ clothes or comically pranced around in your girlfriend’s pumps showing her it is not so hard.  Something happens to a man once they slip into the forbidden world or femininity.  Nothing more defines that femininity than the female high heel shoe.

As the female writer noted, “Many men are now learning the way these shoes have made us women feel for years. These very men run the risk of falling victim to the same addiction we face. Could the empowerment and freedom of wearing a pair of heels leave men with the same shoe addiction as we women hide within our own forbidden shoe closet? It's time we all come out of the closet and talk about our love of shoes.”

The mysteries of women have long been an interest to many, if not most men. Enjoy your fashion freedom and exploration.


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  1. Very true.
    I only seem to be able to get out of the house while dressed a few times a year (although I hope to see an increase in outings going forward) yet I own about 4 times as many heels as I do guy shoes. I seem them on line and the lure to purchase them kicks in. I have them stashed in drawers and closets and even as I write this comment I am feeling like a cyber Monday shoe purchase may be in order.