Friday, November 18, 2016

Shoe Shopping - Booties

COACH Jemma Leather Booties
I was not shopping for anything special this past week during my trip to Birmingham Alabama and wondered into a Belk store. Beautiful store with southern roots. My history with Belk goes back to my childhood where one of the founders of Belk/Leggett lived in my small Virginia home town. But I digress.  

Boots are an impossibility due to the size of my legs above the ankle - A curse; Discussed in yesterday's post. However I can wear booties and with pants the break well at the foot, this give the appearance of boots. Plus, if I ever get brave enough, booties can look good with leggings/tights and a tunic or long sweater.  I will keep you posted on that experiment - Has not happen yet.   

Lucy Liu

Last evening while waiting for a flight in Atlanta airport (ATL) I observed more than a few pair of similar high heel booties.  I love to people watch.  Many booties with pants, more than a few with tunics, and one even with skirt and nude hose.  Not my favorite look but on her slim legs and cute figure, it looked great.  One person we see wearing booties with a skirt - Lucy Liu on the television series Elementary.  

In the Belk store in Birmingham I did try on the above Coach booties and it was love at first sight. 3.75 inch wooden stacked heel that was not a spike as such. My only problem was it fit a little tight on my left foot and they did not have a larger size for me to try on. I walked around on the carpet and wish-on-wish, it was too tight.  I give them back and shopped a while longer.  Not to be discouraged so easily, I went back and tried then again. I am sure the shoe guy though I was crazy. They still hurt my left little toe and knew from experience to not do it.

I returned to my hotel empty handed or empty footed as it was.  The determined shopper that I am, I Googled "COACH Jemma Leather Booties" and to my supersize Macy's had them on sale, in my needed size and for over $60.00 off. Ordered - Mission accomplished.

I will keep you posted as the are to arrive later today.  Afternoon update:  Fit is correct and comfortable - Zip is easy. Also if anyone has a suggestion on stylish boots, please comment on what works for you.   

Stay Tuned - Thanks to all my new friends there are stories and photos from the last week's trips.  

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  1. https://www.footwearunlimited.com/Baretraps/Product/DANETTE/B

    This is my kind of choice for a tunic and leggings in winter, Rhonda. Ice, snow and high heels are not a good combination.