Sunday, November 20, 2016

Transgender Day of Remembrance - 2016

What ever we do today, let us all take a moment to remember those of us who are no longer with us due to violence.  Be smart, be active, be yourself.  


Source Gladd - The Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR) was started by transgender advocate (and friend) Gwendolyn Ann Smith as a vigil to honor the memory of Rita Hester, a transgender woman who was killed in 1998. The vigil commemorated all the transgender people lost to violence that year and began an important memorial that has become the annual Transgender Day of Remembrance.

The Transgender Day of Remembrance seeks to highlight the losses we face due to anti-transgender bigotry and violence. I am no stranger to the need to fight for our rights, and the right to simply exist is first and foremost. With so many seeking to erase transgender people -- sometimes in the most brutal ways possible -- it is vitally important that those we lose are remembered, and that we continue to fight for justice. - Transgender Day of Remembrance founder Gwendolyn Ann Smith


I am traveling November 28 - December 1 to Vancouver BC, Canada. If there is anyone in those areas that would like to have coffee, dinner, or glass of wine some evening, let me know. Use the contact page. There is the possibility for a Chicago trip the week after.

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  1. Offering prayers for far too many people who should still be with us...