Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Feminine Differential - Communication

Dinner out - Birmingham Alabama
We have all heard the oft-repeated statistics about women talking more than men. And to back up those statistics, one previous study has shown that a part of the brain responsible for processing communication is simply larger in a woman than a man. Now, a new study adds to those claims by moving a step further, showing that the female brain is actually designed with communication in mind.

Women Talk.

There is no surprise here.  Females are more vocal.  

According to RedOrbit.com “Women Are More Talkative Than Men Because Their Brain Is Designed That Way”. The article continues:

Performed by doctors at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, this study has linked being talkative with a particular protein found in the brain called FOXP2. Women have been found to have more of this protein in their brains, leading the researchers to believe this is why women are more vocal than men.

I bring this up because of two recent interaction and how this can work to our advantage.  First women chat and will do it at will.  Something we need to be aware and to fit in we need to respond appropriately.  I was in a restroom recently (ladies) and the woman at the mirror complemented me on my hair.  I thanked her and so the conversation started.  “I wish I could just let my hair go grey and it look as good as yours.” “Is this your first visit to the museum?” “Do I detect a southern accent?” "Where did you get those boots?” and so it went.

When was the last time you had a conversation in the men’s room – LIKE NEVER.  So just think about it – there is nothing more disarming than a friendly smile, pleasant conversation and mutual compliments.  

My second interaction was at restaurant dinner on a not at all crowded Monday evening. Above photo. I sat in a booth and a woman was sitting in the next booth, facing me. We discussed dinner - (she was just finishing up and I was ordering).  We discussed traveling.  She was also a business traveler.  We discussed kids. And finally she complemented me on being friendly and how our conversation perked up her boring dinner alone.  

Be prepared – Practice talking and although our minds may not be designed with communication as a default, know that conversation is expected among women.  Welcome to the world of femininity.  Enjoy the visit and learn the local customs.

What have been your experiences?  


  1. I tend to be more chatty when out as Joanna and find women are far more ready to engage you in conversation which sometimes just begins with an exchange of smiles. I have had some really nice exchanges with perfect strangers many times and enjoy them as part of my outings now...

  2. Just like as a guy you never have conversations in the men's room I think as a woman most will simply avoid going out to eat by themselves. As I guy I do it all the time and think nothing of it, especially if it is a place that has a game on the TV. I do not think I can ever recall my wife going out to eat by herself.
    In some ways we are alike but there are basic inherent differences.