Monday, November 14, 2016

Feminine Differential - The Bracelet

I had a friend who was out of town for a few days and I took advantage by borrowing her Pandora Jewelry. I have a beautiful Brighton charm bracelet that I wear, so jumped at the chance to wear the "Real Deal".  I love this stuff. However it can get pricey, very quickly, as you add charms.  Browsing the Pandora web site I found male charm bracelets, so I ask "Google" the question:  "Can men wear charm bracelets?"

Although I like the black leather "Man's", I much prefer the more attractive, "Woman's'".   There is one advantage to Pandora in that they come in many sizes, including lengths to fit larger wrists.
So what do you wear daily?  Man style, androgynous, Female style, Nothing? Is this your one rebellion from your otherwise mundane male uniform?  Why Not? Do you dare? This is a nice Feminine differential.  Let's give it a try. A daily min-escape.  


Is it Feminine for a guy to wear a charm bracelet?

I recently made my boyfriend a charm bracelet and several people told me that only gay guys wear charm bracelets. What's your opinion on this matter?

Absolutely not. Charm bracelets are worn by people for a purpose. Each charm should mean something. I have a charm bracelet My dad actually got it for me. My brother has one, he has a wife and child. I also have straight friends who wear ones, some around their ankles. This world is far more accepting then it was before. A person cannot determine if a guy is gay by a bracelet. Like I said the charms have meaning to them. Considering you are giving it to your boyfriend, that has a powerful meaning. Besides, if someone were to call your boyfriend gay, at least he is the one who has a wonderful girlfriend at the end of the day. :) I wear mine proudly, no one gives me problems. Patrick

Rhonda's Answer: Who cares what others think!

1267-PANDORA Caribbean Cool Charm Bracelet

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