Monday, October 31, 2016

Know Thyself - Halloween 2016

I attended a Halloween party this last Saturday evening. I was invited, knew a few people who would be there and it was held at a nearby upscale golf club. The best part, it was listed as black tie optional. I love getting dressed elegantly and this looked like a very good opportunity.  

It was not going to be primarily a costume affair so no elaborate planning was required.  There were several with masks and many dressed elegantly, both man and women.    

First, let me describe how I feel about Halloween. Rhonda as not a costume.  I have used the "get dressed up" excuse for Halloweens in the past, so understand Halloween's relevance to the emerging or closeted cross dresser. Rhonda is part of me and not an outfit I take off or put on.  Being transgender is not external.  See last year's post - Real World or Halloween

Lets face fact; a "Freddy Kruger" mask does not mean you are an ax wielding serial killer for the evening. That is a costume.  However, for me to be Rhonda, I am in effect telling the world I have a definitive feminine personality and I am a transgender person. It has taken me years to understand this and I do not want to marginalize "her" into being a "one-day-a-year" lark.   

So, I went dressed classy, in my red cocktail dress, nude heels and even had my hair done the afternoon before. The party was fun. A very nice dinner and great conversations with friends I had not seen in a while. Plus, I won some points by being there among a group of individuals that I like. 

I am not attempting to rain on anyone Halloween outings today or tonight. Utilize the day to build your confidence for future ESCAPES.  However, look inside yourself and understand the Ancient Greek aphorism "gnothi seauton" or “know thyself".   

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