Tuesday, October 11, 2016

High School Reunion - Part 2

As the evening closed. 

Yesterday morning on Facebook, I posted a thank you to my class.  We have a dedicated Facebook page. The note was very similar to the open thank you I posited here yesterday with a few changes. 

"I presented you a challenge last Saturday evening. You all were amazing. Never in my life have I ever been so proud to be a member of a group - any group. You as my classmates were loving, kind, understanding, welcoming and open. There were open arms for me and acceptance beyond my wildest dream. I love you guys. Thank you!"

Unexpected were these wonderful comments:

We love you too! You made our reunion fun as well as unbelievable! No offense!

I think it's important to accept people for who they are and not to be judgmental. I think you showed a lot of courage Saturday, and I hope you will always be accepted for the person you are.

It did take a lot of courage, and we love you! The reunion was a blast. We would love you no matter.

We would love you no matter who you are. Am glad you had the courage to be yourself this weekend.

It was great seeing you and I wish you well. If you are ever in Roanoke VA, we would love you to come see us.

Love you. Thanks for everything you did to make our reunion a huge success - as always! (video)

Thanks for the note. Good to see you and know you are happy. Take care. Our classmates will always be your family.

I think this speaks to your bravery and the kind of class we are.... I hope your "new" life will be full of joy and peace...wishing you the best.
Proud of your courage, God bless you!

From my video co-worker: Everyone had a moment of surprise, but your confidence and laughter overtook the room.  Looking at the photos that our classmates have posted from the weekend, you had a great time, girlfriend!

We are so blessed to have you as our dear friend. True friends accept and respect each other. So proud that the Class of '66 made you feel loved. After all, we are a big FAMILY.

I would LOVE YOU no matter what your circumstance! Your help made our reunion a success !! Take care and I can't wait to see YOU at our next reunion !! Hope your trip home was safe. Love you !!

 It was great to see you. Friend me on Facebook. If you ever get to Nashville or Clarksville, TN, I hope you will visit. We should all live life with love. I think our class proves that principle very well.

Tomorrow I will write more on the weekend, my trepidation and preparation. Stay tuned. 

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  1. just goes to show that people are far more understanding than we think and we are often our own worst enemies in fearing the worst types of reactions. Nice people will always give the benefit of the doubt. Happy for you!