Monday, October 24, 2016

Reunion Questions

50th High School Reunion Photos 

I have received questions over the past week as I have unraveled my reunion experience. Several came from my classmates wanting to know all about my transition? That is an interesting question that relates some familiarity with the subject going in. In all those cases I have just sent them the link to my NY Times op-ed.  My simple answer was that my being transgender does not involve me transitioning.  If you have not seen it, here is the link

 NY Times - Transgender Today

Another question has been, what did I say when given the opportunity to speak? My reason for speaking was, I wanted to mention the slides show / PowerPoint that several of us put together. Three reunions ago I did one using our yearbook photos. This year I did an extended slide show that ran an hour, 220 slides and used the yearbook photos of all attending plus other yearbook candid/group photos. It was showing when everyone was coming in and ran complete about four times during the evening. More than once I saw people were just standing and watching. The upper left photo shows the large screen we used.

Here is what I said when given the opportunity to speak before the class:
Welcome all - “Tonight is a milestone – 50 years and I am so proud to be here. There were some that could not be with us so let’s remember them also.

I had the immense privilege of preparing the DVD/slide show that you have been watching. I did not do it alone and had much help.  Thank you. I hope you have been enjoying it.  Not all of us still have our Yearbook, so I have attempted to scan and show yearbook photos of all in attendance and photos from the yearbook that will help us remember our wonderful days at our high school.

We send out a request for a brief biography. Thank you if you sent in one and this alone will make watching the available DVD fun.

But if you did not send in a bio,  I may have written one for you!  I hope you like my creative writing:

One of our classmates joined ISIS.  He is off somewhere fighting tonight.

Another has been married 15 times and has 40 children. Rumors that some of the marriage were concurrent.

One of our classmates is transgender - OH, that's me!

And finally; I may have even listed some of you, as Trump supporters.  
Just kidding…..   

So next time send in a BIO – Enjoy the DVD. Thank you. 


Someone Help Me
Several times during the reunion I had classmates come up and want details -"Tell me everything". The above photo is an example of those moments.  This is were I used my business card that had the blog link.   

Especially, I want to thank my blog friends. Several of you commented that you have reunions coming up so wanted to see how my experience worked out. You all encourage me to do it and I hope I have blazed the trail for you - “Escape”. An overall, positive experience.

 Just do it.

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