Monday, October 10, 2016

High School Reunion - Welcome Back

I am home from a fabulous weekend at my 50th High School Reunion. The photo above was at the concluding, good-bye breakfast.  I left in near tears; Overwhelmed with joy and amazement.   

I have much to write, many stories and plenty of photos.  So stay tuned this week. I am back home, tired after an almost all-night drive and promise to write more.

One comment for this morning: 

Never in my life have I ever been so proud to be a member of a group - any group.  My classmates were loving, understanding, welcoming and open.  There were open arms for me and acceptance beyond my wildest dream.  I love you guys!

Thank you my class of ’66 – An amazing group.  


  1. I am glads you had a fabulous reunion. I thought you would. I love the picture you posted, you look so happy and radiant.

  2. HI Rhonda it has been awhile glad the reunion was more than you hoped it would be glad the huricane did minumal damage in your area debbie and i have been real busy please keep in touch
    wishing you the best Susie