Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Flats - Revisit


Lets face it, flat shoes never feel as exciting to put on as heels. Nor do they feel as exciting to buy. Given -  Every time you choose to wear heels over flats, the amount of fun you are capable of having, no matter the circumstance, is elevated.

However, the more I wear my ballet flats the more I love them - Well, don't hate them as much.  They scream girly and you can wear them most everywhere.  I recently purchased the above bag from Ralph Lauren and it is small/cute mini bucket. The shoes are Talbots' from a few seasons ago and match perfectly. A great casual look with jeans and a white top or tee-shirt.  My people watching has taught me that at the mall this is a every day look along with the official shoe of Florida - the flip-flop.  I love heels and am not abandoning them for dress and events, but for walking the mall and travel, ballet flats are a foot saver.  

Do a Google search for "men wearing ballet flats" - Amazing....  It is interesting all the photos and articles that discuss men and ballet flats.    Below is a good sample.   Let's start a trend!

I Am Young Man And I Love To Wear Flats And Here Is My Story:
"Clothes and hobbies don´t determine your sexual preference"

I am straight guy in my late 30´s and love to wear flats. I find them very practical and versatile shoes, easy to slip on-off , not expensive, great option for guys with small feet like me, and there is a huge variety of colors, styles and shapes.

My first experience wearing flats was at the age of 14. I was living with my aunt, a attractive young woman in her mid-30´s. She always wore flats with skirts or capris. I always watched how she dangled her flats under the table and when watching TV. I love how comfy and easy to slip off her flats were. So one day that she was out of home, I went straight to her room and I opened her closet. l grabbed a cute pair of well worn light blue bow flats (the brand was Crayons) and I took off my flip flops and slip on in her flats... what amazing feeling..like an ******, I feel happy, comfortable and free. I wore them during all the day. When my aunt was out home I did it again, and again.


See also this site and an interview with a man that wears ballet flats.

Tory Burch Ballet Flats. Photo Credit: Brian Davis, Calgary, Alberta


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  1. Great flats revisit post. Love your yellow bag and matching yellow flats, very cute.

    Thanks for including the link to my good friend JoyD blog and her post she did about me, a man that wears ballet flats. She and I have done about 5 or 6 posts about me and my ballet flats. I can give you more links if you're interested. As well thanks for including the link to my tiny blog about me and my Tory Burch flats.

    I have lots of (internet) male friends and a few real life male friends that wear ballet flats and lots of real life friends that support my decision to wear ballet flats. You are 100% correct when you said, "ballet flats scream girly." This is true regardless if they are worn by a female or male.

    Hope you are safe and sound during this hurricane.