Saturday, October 8, 2016

High School Reunion - The Before

I sit here writing my opening post on my 50th reunion.  I arrived in town a few days early to get over initial jitters. Not sure that helped.  My support network started by discussing my intention with a high school girlfriend knowing that she would understand and encourage.  She did! My plan - push me through the door if my resolve fails.     

My first outing was a dinner with my one-person support group and two other classmates, with spouses.  We picked the only upscale restaurant in town – It was full.  About 15 seconds of discomfort turned into many laughs when I told my friends they had not change a bit and neither had I.  That broke the ice. After that- remembering old times.  We all laughed and had a fun evening. It was not a non-event but all accepted and we had a two-hour dinner - Good laughs.  One facetious comment – “OMG you are going to put us to shame, came from one still attractive table mate.  My comment - not likely.  

I skipped a large gathering last evening to attend a smaller party and break my news to one of my best school friends.  We were not sure if a hug or a handshake was in orders so we did both.  Very quickly we were discussing all the past good times and family.  More classmates arrived with several going through much effort to just figure out who I was.  It took a few minutes for them wrap their heads around what was happening.  I had a wonderful evening. 

So here I am with more trepidation than I anticipated.  This morning I helped set up a slideshow (video) I prepared and worked with the organizing committee to make sure the reunion facility was prepared.   I went very androgynous.  I explained to my video co-worker that I will look differently this evening.  She said, “do it – be yourself”.  From her reaction, I believe rumors had been circulating.   I was not dis-invited.  

In a text received about an hour later she said: 

I told X, Y and Z committee members so they would know.  Some may not react well, but you are what you want to be. 

I am digesting this - so stay tuned.  I am hoping my sense of humor and good nature disarms. We shall see.  I did not expect to be this anxious.  


  1. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

    Go girl power!

    Think of yourself as Wonder Woman. Courageous. Wicked beautiful. Even magic bracelets that deflect anything. Attitude will carry you and you will be fine.

    Take two "enjoys" and call us in the morning.

    The other Rhonda