Tuesday, December 10, 2019

The Best Nude Nail Polishes

Source: The Zoe Report
By: By Taylor Lane

Nail Envy Samoan Sand
We've gotten to the point of winter where you've probably exhausted your go-to cold-weather nail color, which might mean it's time to turn to a barely there shade until your manicure appointment rolls around. But too often though, certain tans and browns don't swipe right — they're either too light or blend into your complexion too much. However, the best nude nail polishes for every skin tone aren't hard to find if you pay attention — and they're ready for their rightful time in the sun.

Still, picking out a nude polish is a totally different ballgame: You can't just go by the shade you see in a bottle sitting on the salon shelf. (Sometimes it's too sheer, or worse, too yellow.). Instead, try testing the polish with your undertone in mind to ensure that the nude will be visible once applied. If your complexion is fair, stick to sheer, opaque shades. Medium tones work well with taupe and salmon-based colors. Darker and deep skin tones soak up peachy and beige tones, so go for chocolate nudes with a hint of berry in them.

Read the complete article at The ZOE Report.  Great suggestions. 


Shown is my go to color "O P I - Nail Envy Samoan Sand".  It is almost invisible with one coat; almost clean. However with several coats it matches perfectly to my skin tone. I had never given a thought to proper matching, however, just knew that some colors did not look right.  A good nude polish can work all day and can be worn for days.  You will know and few, if any, will notice. Try it....


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