Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Trying The Door - Part 1

Written 1989
You need Help!

"You are out of control and need help!"  This was my friends comment as I explained my scheme, and I had to agree.  My friend is also transgender and I knew he would come up with just the words to inspire me.

My plan was to fly from the east coast to the west coast as a female.  Not an involved task for over fifty percent of the US population (female), but for me, this could be an adventure.

Previously I have written about the phenomenon “transgender” and made an effort to explain that I feel as rational as the next person does.  That within itself is probably not any great feat, but was this plan the thinking of someone whose wig was fitting too tight? 

I had been traveling every week from Florida to California to work on a consulting contract, and maybe the six hours in the air had just become to routine.  So why not add a little adventure to the trip and see what happens.  I have been cross-dressing and passing as a woman in malls, restaurants and theaters for about five years and think, this could be as uneventful as every other flight.  With the right outfit (executive business woman), the right confident attitude, and a good close shave, it could work?  

The outfit was going to be a navy blue silk dress, a white jacket and navy blue two and one half inch pumps.  A dark shoulder bag would carry the tickets, touch-up makeup and male ID. 

The flight would depart Florida at 4:00 PM and was going to make a connection in Dallas Texas, arriving in San Diego about 9:30 PM.  This was a good schedule and I would be traveling Monday afternoon - a time when the planes were not usually full.  (Another difference today).  

Everything was set.  Well almost.  I had traveled from California to Florida on a ticket the client’s corporate travel agent had written for Tom.  There was no way that this consultant could ask that two tickets be issued.  If I asked for a ticket to travel back to California as a woman this would open too many questions and make too much office gossip.  If I had done more planning, the tickets could have been issued only by my first initial, but it was too late for that now.  I would just get the ticket rewritten at the gate as I departed, and hope the gate agent would not make a problem. 

I had my friend, the "You need Help" friend, take me to the airport and assist me checking my bags.  As I watched, my male cloths go out of sight, mild panic set in, and more than a few what-if questions came to mind. 

    What it the plane goes down? 
    What it they do not let me board?
    What it they let me board here, but not in at my connection in Texas? 
    What if???????

"Your bags are checked.  See you later Tom, I mean Rhonda.", brought be back to the real world; well as close as I was going to get for the next six hours.

"Walk me to the gate?" I pleaded. "No, you are on your own.", and I was.

Part 2 Tomorrow – The Delay


  1. You are fearless! The fact that it happened in 1989 is a double-edged factor. In one respect the year was in your favor. With the exception of international flights one could fly without having to show an ID. However, the stigma of being "caught in a dress" was probably much higher then than now. (Pure guesswork on my part. I can't speak with experience.) In some respects things have come full circle. The necessity of a photo ID and body scans have complicated things today. However, today a lot of people wouldn't even bat an eyelash at seeing "a bloke in a dress." I suppose there is some truth in the saying that it is always the best of times and the worst of times.
    Thank you for sharing this moment in time from 1989. I shall look forward to reading the next installment.

  2. Seems like a great adventure so far.
    I find being a CD an interesting mix of male and female. As a guy my natural inclination has always been to 'press the envelop'. My living mantra is the 'No Fear' theme that "If you are not living on the edge you are taking my too much room".
    Dressed as a woman I think I tend to see things more fearfully. Every time out is laced with concerns and "What ifs".
    I look forward to further details.