Friday, September 11, 2015

Friends Friday - The Interview

Back in 2013 I wrote on Stanna’s Femulate blog my account of being a Working Woman.  Not that kind working woman, but actually have a job and going to work as Rhonda.  The all dressed up and somewhere to go thing. There was a followup post Going Through the Glass Ceiling The Opposite Way, so if interested read both.   

The interview process was interesting to say the very least.  Here is a brief account of my first interview and welcome to being an "older woman", looking for a job. 

The interview was going very well in my opinion.  I had the skills, confidence, and attitude to get the job.  I really had the HR executive’s attention - until out of the window of his office, in full view of both of us, the next prospective interviewee drove in and got out of her car.  Needless to say, she was younger, a lot cuter and had a much shorter skirt.  He said, “Rhonda it has been a pleasure and I will be getting back to you.  We hope to make a decision this week and I will call you.”  Neither letter nor call ever came.


The depth of insight and intelligence within our transgender community amazes me.  Therefore, I would like to dedicate Fridays to you and your post. 

It is not that I have run out of things to write about, but I want to make this "our place". Please feel free to comment on something I said - did not say at any time.  But, if you e-mail me your post I will queue then up and post on Fridays.  

Rant about something I said.   Something you want said or just tell us about a fun experience you had.  Photos please.  (The “G” and “PG” versions). 

I look forward to hearing from you and posting "your stuff"……


Rhonda  - RhondaWilliams at Bellsouth.net


  1. Have you ever been concerned about being sued for causing excessive head shaking? After reading yet another chapter in your dueled-gendered life, it seems appropriate to start shaking your head in wonder and muttering to yourself, "I simply can't believe it!" For many of us getting out the door is a major undertaking. You, in contrast, have taken "getting out there" to mind-boggling proportions and not just in the smallish transgender community, but in a variety of real-world situations and settings. The contemplation of your intelligence, courage, skill (actually many, many skills), and physical beauty are enough to make even a doubter begin to shake their head in amazement and mutter, "Remarkable! I can't believe it!" So do you have a good lawyer?

  2. Hi Kati,

    I guess I had better update my liability insurance. The stories are real and I have not even told the one about Rhonda being the COO of an energy start-up yet.

    Plus the job interview / looking for a job full story is a seven pager. Also the flying coast-to-coast back in the 80's story is coming up next week.

    I have fun and challenge myself. Line my blog states - It is never too late to be what you might have been.

    Have a wonderful day....


  3. This was another great entry. You are a champion to many. Your story about being 'aced' out at the interview is priceless. Throughout our lives we have engaged in many competitions where we were told at the outset "May the best man win". Your interview event gives that term a new tinge.