Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Age Reassignment Surgery

Note: This is a re-post from several months ago.  My reason for re-posting it is to followup yesterday's post about Dr. Vartan Mardirossian. I am very pleased to say that he is my surgeon.  Below are some of the justifications that I went through when I made my decision. 

Dr. Mardirossian will have a booth at Southern Comfort this coming week so stop by and say hello.  Private consultations with the doctor will be available and are free.  Also please feel free to ask me any questions and comments are always welcome.  I hope to see you at SCC. 


I have a confession to make.  After all the years insisting that I was “no-op” and would likely never have surgery I have succumb to the inevitable.  One day I looked in the mirror and said, “It is now, or never.”   How can I face tomorrow knowing that another person wants to have her story told?   A younger looking version of the person I had become.

As I looked into the mirror, I saw an old person; my beloved grandfather.   Yes, the surgery I had was not Gender Reassignment (GRS).  To be technically correct, I had typical (female) fresh face surgery.   Blessed with somewhat feminine features, the years have taken their toll. I hated what had happened to my lower face, neck and jowls.   No amount of contouring makeup was ever going to hide what time plus gravity had accomplished. I just did not feel as old as I looked.

I am involved with several social and cultural organizations and there was still an abundance of opportunity to be out.  However, after getting ready for an event, early last fall, I looked and thought to myself, “This is not working.” Fortunately, because of a commitment, staying home was not an option. I know all of us have been there.

My due diligence started a few years back. Plastic surgeons do provide free consultation and estimates so I visited several.  Always as my feminine self, so there would be no question as to my preferred outcome. Although all were friendly and professional from a business prospective, we can always perceive when there is a lack of either acceptance or downright prejudice.  My search continued and just recently, a wonderful and accepting surgeon relocated to my area. He actually mentioned “Transgender Fascial Feminization Surgery (FFS)” on his web page, so I knew he would be knowledgeable in this area.

Not only was he accepting, but also had studied and worked in the Boston area with one of the best FFS doctors/experts available.  Dr. Vartan Mardirossian helped me decide what would be best for a younger look and suggested subtle and reasonable options.  His male and female “before and after photos” were remarkable. I committed.  It has been about a year and could not be more pleased with the outcome - A fresh look.  I question myself now as to why I waited so long.   Being 67, I did think that it was too late to do anything. I was wrong. I like to describe my procedures as “Age Reassignment Surgery.”   There was a younger person inside that needed validation.

We baby boomers are rewriting the book as we have done all along.  I am living proof that “60 can be the new 40.”  Do feel free to ask me questions as to cost, recovery and realistic expectations.  My e-mail address is rhondawilliams at bellsouth.net or use the comment section in my BLOG.  Also, visit the site palmbeachplastics.com.



  1. I believe you mentioned in other postings that you still have a non-Rhonda, male life. How did your FFS effect your male persona? Was the surgery specifically thought out that it would address the effects of aging rather than targeting male characteristics?

  2. Great question Kati - Just heading out to SCC - I will answer later.


  3. It is too hard to find any people who didn't like to see him or her more youthful and gorgeous. But if I say then more than male, most of the time females go for surgery but I think they don't have any idea about it's side effect. But are they know there are many facial treatment to make our face clean and shiny.

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