Friday, October 2, 2015

Was it worth it?

Kati Reynolds commented on my series "Trying The Door".

Thank you for sharing this episode from the your life. However, as one challenge led to the next and then the next, I couldn't help but ask myself, "Was it worth it?" Wouldn't it have been far easier to simply travel in male mode and reserve the female mode for times and places when and where you would have a greater degree of control over what happened? Does one really need to "put yourself out there" in order prove you are serious about this? Sorry about all the questions. I certainly hope this message doesn't come across as disrespectful. That certainly isn't my intent.

Was it worth it? -  That really is a good question that caused me to think back.   First I have a great retrospection of challenging myself.  The plane did not fall out of sky just because I was wearing a dress and no small children were permanently injured to my knowledge.  

I guess as humans we need to challenge ourselves to progress.  Otherwise we would still be in caves.  I will relate in future post how fearful I was about going out dressed as Rhonda.  But the short version is - I would get completely dressed and be so fearful, I would not exit my hotel room - At midnight I would wash it all off and promise myself to "get out" next time.

My fears were exaggerated and once out, I found accepting people or in most cases people than did not care - did not notice.  Also after my flying excursion, other outing seemed manageable.  Mission accomplished! 

No we don't really need to put ourselves out there.  But living my life to the full was great start then and is still.

I love this quote by Caroline Kennedy:

I think my mother... made it clear that you have to live life by your own terms and you have to not worry about what other people think and you have to have the courage to do the unexpected.

Thanks Kati for the question.   Please comment again.  


  1. It would seem that the answer to the question, "Was it worth it?" is a resounding, "Yes!" Perhaps all of us need to have an event or moment in time which cause the fears and inhibitions to simply melt away or at the very least to be put in perspective. I haven't experienced such a cathartic event yet. I'm glad you have. It has apparently been the springboard to much of your exciting life. Thanks for sharing! You inspire!

  2. yes it is all ways forth it, any thing in life comes with challenges we are the one's that place the limits on our self's some like to reach a certain platto and call it good other's like to keep expanding there horizons that's what some of us live for , go shopping and keep the economy growing


  3. Amen Susie.....

    Especially on the shopping part!