Monday, October 5, 2015


Susie and Rhonda at the "Sky Room", Long Beach, CA

Serendipity means a "fortunate happenstance" or "pleasant surprise".  I had just such a serendipitous experience experience two weekends ago.  I had a trip coming up to Los Angeles and threw caution to the wind announcing it here - "Would anyone like to have dinner or lunch?" Wow did I had a very pleasant surprise.

The restaurant that Susie took me to is described this way, "The prestigious Sky Room is located atop the historic Breakers Hotel and is considered the best restaurant in Long Beach" and best it was.  From the photo you can get only a small glimpse of the incredible view.  Plus the view only got better as the sun started setting and likewise the conversation.  We had much in common like shopping (big surprise there) and a lifelong transgender connection - sisters separated at birth, I am sure. 

Just as a side note - From the time we arrived to retrieving the car from valet parking, our service and the overall experience was delightful. A super evening.  I highly recommend The Sky Room to sisters venturing out. 

The next day I had a wonderful guided tour of Los Angele's best malls, lunch at Nordstrom's cafe and shopping. The following evening along with Susie's partner, we attended a fun play.  I will write more tomorrow on that. 

Thank you so much Susie! 


  1. Rhonda that was quite a build up, we did have a great time it is allway's good to share quality time with another sister , it was another adventure in travel , I try to have every chance I get I am glad you had such a good time I know I did (can you tell by the smile) I really look forward to doing it again , I can't wait to read the rest of the story

    Hug's Susie

  2. You both look wonderful and it's obvious you're having a good time.