Tuesday, September 15, 2015


I am member of several "Meetup" groups.  This one "Amazing Women", I joined several months ago but due to travel and circumstances had put off going to any of the meetups.  This lunch just came up several days ago so I signed up.  What a lovely interesting group of women.  I am so happy I made the time and we literally laughed, joked and had fun for well over an hour and a half.  Maybe the fact it was on a relaxed weekend day, or just having a beautiful view of the inlet with the lighthouse in the background - for what ever reason, it was fun and worth it.  This was my first meeting of this Meetup group so knew no one and yes a little trepidation - but very happy I made the effort.  

Most areas have Meetup Groups.  Check out you town/city, pick an area of interest and get out and meet new people.  Nothing lost if the group is not interesting or judgmental - everything to gain in being out, plus having fun.      


  1. That is absolutely great. You indeed have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Did all or any know you were a transwoman?

  2. No one knew. At least gave any indication they did. I just went and interacted as Rhonda.

  3. just fantastic I do the same thing as you and love every minute