Thursday, September 3, 2015

Gender Challenger

This is a lovely outfit.  I saw almost this exact outfit in the Albuquerque NM airport last week.  Let me point out the few differences - Black floor length maxi sweater - Longish brown curly hair almost shoulder length – neatly cropped beard.  Yes, beard. 

He looked great and self-assured as he got off one flight to wait for the flight I was taking. I attempted to interact but as so many of us traveling, he was on his cell the whole time during the pre-boarding process.  Between his calls, I move to the same seating area and was able to get out “I love the look.”  He said to me during his phone conversation, “Thank you.”  All I got out next was “Very brave”, but not sure he picked that up.   I hope to sit close during the flight but we were isles apart on a completely full flight.  He got off at the next stop.  

He was maybe a dancer between auditions or maybe just a gender stereotype challenger – either way I admired his courage and excellent sense of fashion. 

Here is an interesting blog that shows the "New Male - Fashion for the Alternative Man".

Times, they are changing and what a wonderful time we live in - Be courageous!


  1. I have been trying to promote alternative fashions for men on Polyvore. http://brennk.polyvore.com/

  2. I love what you have done on Polyvore. Thanks for the comment