Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Irma Update - Tuesday Night

Yard Hurricane Damage

As more of the devastation become evident from the Florida Keys and Islands it makes my hot nights seem less consequential. Many friends in my area will likely be without power the rest of the week. So far my power is holding although I am receiving reports of intermittent restorations. With shutters installed it was very difficult sleeping with little of the night's cooling being able to get into the interior. Last evening with power restored was a glorious full night of sleep.

I have supplied left so hope that I can find a way to donates these to the relief efforts. I am not big on donation to global charities whose administration exceeds the goodwill. What I have seen from my up-close-and-personal volunteering at previous desisters, is that the Salvation Army does live up to it's mission. I saw real hot meals being served and help being administered 24/7. Donate wisely because this rebuilding will take time.

Just throwing emotional money today at the disaster is not fixing anything. Wait a few weeks and find local animal rescue shelters (in the disaster area) or real children's aid organization and donate direct to them. That money will find a need and be appreciated at a local or even person level.   

Today getting out in my area I did see addition localized damage.  Very large trees uprooted as if twisted out of the ground; likely small tornadoes. Overall the east coast of Florida spared major devastation.   

Again I want to thank everyone for you e-mails, and comments of support. They were very much appreciated.  Tomorrow back to regular programming...              


Irma Saturday evening 9:05 PM
I want to let everyone know that I have my electricity back after 48 hours and have minimal overall damage. A lot of trees with limbs off and yard debris. Nothing major!
This hurricane was scary.

I got to see the news for the first time tonight and the damage is wide spread and major in many places. Although I was hot for a few days, I feel for those without homes and facing major repairs. I hope all of my Florida friends and neighbors came through this without too much water or wind damage.

One newscaster today: "Which part of Florida does not have damage from Irma? The answer, NONE" 

I want to thank all of you for your kind words of support. I will post more later today.  

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  1. All of my best wishes and prayers are for you and my many friends and family in the Sunshine State