Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fashion Outlaw

Zara Launches Gender-Neutral Clothing
Fashion does have understated rules. To be an outlaw requires courage and carries consequences. Like my encounter at Lord & Taylor a few years back, store security noticed something was amiss and called me out. Go into any clothing store, there is still a section that sells “Women’s” clothing and another section selling “Men’s”. Progress has been made and some progressive thinking clothing stores are presenting gender-less options. See the photo to the right.

This stuff is just plain and boring. Who wants to wear that?  Maybe to clean the garage, wash the car or walk the dog on a cool day. Women choosing this style are abdicating all sense of fashion. Men choosing this are being uninspired and choosing the line of least style imagination.

If this is the future, no thanks. This is not a step forward. It suggests that when men and women have the opportunity to wear the same clothes, the pieces cannot be too feminine or too masculine. It actually reinforces the idea of feminine clothing is not going to be acceptable for men to purchase and vice versa.  Although women have been raiding our (men's) closet for years.  

However if you go to any mall you do see this everywhere. If you confront either party, they would likely become offended. The female would say – now dare you challenge me – these are woman’s Jeans and a woman’s sweatshirt that I got at Walmart. Ask a man if he is wearing his wife’s jeans, he would likely take a swing at you. In addition, here in Florida you will likely see the ultimate, least fashionable item in the world; his-and-hers matching flip-flops or unisex velcro/Birkenstock  sandals. So internally, they both are justifying their choice by shopping and purchasing in their respective departments.

Levi's Split-Neck
Graphic T
Why not venture into the opposite section and utilize your imagination. Exercise your sense of adventure. I am not talking a silk dress and heels if you are male. Although that would be my first choice. No, just choose something that has a little flair and imagination. For an adventure, be different. Be courageous. Break a rule.  

One of the best examples is Brian's sense of adventure; our ballet flats expert. He is brave and lives his adventure.   

As an article on the blog Outlet stated: 

Let’s start a new generation of adults that are accepting and excited by the thought of uniqueness and difference. Let’s be ourselves.

Outlaws break the rules. If I do wear jeans, they are recognizable as definitely not from the men’s department. Boot cut or pull-on, tight, with decorations around the pockets. I have t-shirts that are the V-neck, split-neck, boat neck and 3/4 sleeve. My sneakers are low cut white Keds. Most of us have a great sense of style. Let us utilize it. Be an outlaw.  

My travel outfit - comfortable, stylish and markedly feminine. 


  1. Great post Rhonda. I'm excited to think there will be stores that "just sell clothes." Not men's and women's clothes. I know there's lots of men, males or whatever you want to call us that already shop in either side of the store but hopefully these new stores will have more guys dressing in a more unisex or feminine manner.

    Can wait to see how it works out :))

    1. Thanks for the comment Brian. Again thanks for sharing your "Escapes" with us.

      I wore my Tory Polka-Dot flats last week and twice woman came up and said how much they like them. They get noticed by the in group of Tory Burch followers.

      Keep us posted on sales and I will do the same - This week they had cute wedges on sale. Ready for a big adventure? I got the Blue Polka-Dot ones.