Saturday, September 9, 2017

Political Cartoons Weekend 9-9

Hurricane Irma Update:  South and West Florida is fully expecting full Category 3/4 winds this weekend. Though no stranger to tropical storms and hurricanes this might be a doozy; not in the best sense. Likely many will be touched by this extreme event. I am all closed up and will likely ride out the storm at home. Evacuation may become necessary and I have plans well ahead of an extreme danger point. I have supplies and water for the required days and hopefully conditions will improve by Monday. My power and internet could be off for weeks although my electric grid typically comes back fairly quickly. I will post, as I can, over the next weeks as we cleanup and return to normal.  

To all my West and East Coast Florida friends, be safe.


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  1. be safe and be well Rhonda. Hope there is as little damage as possible