Monday, September 25, 2017

Two Casual Summer Dresses

I have poked fun at the Macy's "Sales" several times. You know the "One Day Sales" that go on forever. Every now and again I look around their site and find good choices. This week's sale de-jour is "The VIP Sale". I love dresses however have come to wear pants a lot to simply blend in and not draw undue attention. My tops tend to more daring, scoop / V neck and I usually wear heels to complete the look. Just your typical older lady out for dinner or a casual event.  

Back to Macy's shopping - The above two dressed caught my attention. I saw one like the shift dress on the right while in San Antonio a few months back. The woman wearing it looked stylish and cool. The "cool" being not an easy task with the Texas heat and humidity that evening. I have been looking around for something like that for a few months and found it here (ECI Tiered-Sleeve Off-The-Shoulder Dress) on sale for $41.99. It is polyester/cotton and washable. I am not so sure about the sleeves, however like another off-the-shoulder top purchased, I can have it altered to straight or elastic sleeves.  If I like the dress and it is cool looking as I think, it will be worth the alterations. 
The one on the left just looks stylish. Macy's - (Jessica Howard Cotton 2-Pc. Off-The-Shoulder Dress) also on sale for $41.99.  I did not realize until after I ordered, it is actually a skirt and blouse (2 pieces) sold together. It also looks cool for the warm Florida evenings, made of cotton and is described as a "Retro-tinged dress that includes a ruffled, shoulder-baring top and stylish A-line skirt."

A-line is super feminine looking and in my case, needs to fall just above the knee to not look frumpy. Again if it works in the fit and style area I can have the length altered/shortened if necessary.

I hope you do not mind me sharing these items and will point out well priced and fun items from time-to-time.  I have talked about this being part of the "Feminine Differential" before. The shopping and then enjoying the effort; the ESCAPE. I will keep you posted on how they work out.  


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