Friday, September 22, 2017

You Make Me feel......

There are times when you must turn off CNN, FOX and not listen to the Weather Channel for another moment. Guilty pleasure or not, you need to relax and hope for something that will warm the heart or at best entertain. A special genre of television audition shows began with the Ted Mack Original Armature Hour (1948-1970), The Gong Show and now America's-Got-Talent (AGT). The UK version of this show (all singer) is known as The X Factor and both the US and UK version are part of the television producer, Simon Cowell, business empire. 

A good friend was a winner on the the Ted Mack Original Armature Hour. Norm Kubrin was an extremely talented piano player.  I did the photography for all of his CD covers and web site.  

This genre is a carry over to when television was an absolute waste land during the summer with nothing but reruns - A filler show for summer audiences. Every now and again AGT comes up with an outstanding act among many “gong worthy” tryouts. I found this singer on YouTube from a 2011 X Factor audition. Stacy Francis did not go on win the X Factor however, has been successful both acting and singing since. This song has soul and emotion.  It is tear inspiring, especially for us. Enjoy. 

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