Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Jeans In Two Styles

Neither will be mistaking for male bifurcated garments. 

I loved Stana's post on Bifurcated Crossdressing, So thought I would add jeans to the discussion. Again, my "day-to-day" look with that never go out of style look. With the proper stitching, fit and cut, they would never be mistaking for male bifurcated garments. I see many 
similar outfits at the mall where I work; from teen to my age. 

As an added plus, both of the jeans above are tight which provide a reminder that something is different. Tight / slim leg jeans are rumored out this season, however, not for me. They always look great and provide just the right feminine differential. 

The TEMU high rise jeans shown, are tight everywhere with the exception of the flare leg openings. Again a nice blast back to the 60's, bellbottom and stylish modern fit.  


TEMU - High Waist Washed Flare Jeans, Single Breasted Button Fashion Bell Bottom Jeans, Women's Denim Jeans & Clothing $14.86 (a great buy)

Loft - Striped Boatneck Tee image - $26.97 This arrive today and is adorable with just the right fit and style.

Talbots - Slim Ankle Jeans $99.50 (watch for sales /discount)

Note on sizing: The Talbots Jeans are a size 6. (i go between a 4 and 6 depending on the amount of stretch at the waist. The TEMU jeans were ordered in medium, and are a perfect fit.   

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  1. Size 6? Can we hate you just a little? --Juliet