Tuesday, April 23, 2024

I Love A Success Story - Felix Nieder

 A Genderfluid Model

Felix Nieder

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Felix Nieder has turned his uniqueness into a strength: As a "genderfluid model" he takes the freedom to move fluidly between the genders, wears both men's and women's clothing on the catwalk - and is now one of the most booked models in Germany.

The path to get there wasn't easy: as a teenager in a small town he came out, was rejected for being "too feminine" and was met with hostility. He talks about this in his touching debut book “When my gay self died”. He suffers through crises, fights against self-doubt - and to be accepted. But he is also keen to raise awareness about grievances in the fashion industry - and what he can do as a genderfluid model to make society more inclusive. Lots to discuss with Felix Nieder in STUDIO 3.

He’s in parliament in the morning and on the catwalk in the evening: Felix Nieder, one of Germany’s top male

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