Thursday, April 25, 2024

Style Authenticity

Susan, my friend at the Susan after 60 Blog had a wonderful post on "Style Authenticity"

Our choice of clothing, hairstyle, and other appearance details are considered a means of nonverbal communication.


So what are you communicating?  I am a female impersonator, crossdresser, or a stylish woman going about her day, being what my appearance communicates.

The above fashion layout is one of my go-to-looks; although I covet the cartoonish height and long / slim legs. I can make this style work with my hair up and confidence. I love hearing, "Ma'am what can I get you?", even if I know sometimes they are only being charitable.   

Many times I have encouraged you to blend in [be authentic] . Being able to do this is not hiding who you are but celebrating your courage and style. Develop you own style and Escape.  Visibility is our best defense against hate.  


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