Monday, April 8, 2024

Feminine Differential - The Pallete


The color palette and different styles available as a feminine person are endless. I am always looking at fashion blogs and Pinterest for new and exciting outfits.  

Lauren loose knit Sweater
Why would everyone not want to choose this and express your uniqueness. I found on the Valmoods blog many such outfits that represent so many fun outfits. Enjoy.   

I have never considered myself fashion
illiterate, however, enjoy studying other's choices. This  reminds me of how I used to study the Sears Catalog and Wish Book for fashion ideas.

I have an orange Lauren sleeveless sweater and have had the tan cargo pants shown above for several seasons.  

This is a combination that had not crossed my fashion-show play.  Orange is still big this spring season, so I am sure I will wear this outfit for a spring / summer evening.  


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